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5 key benefits to outsourcing your stock management

As your business develops throughout the year, you might consider outsourcing your stock management responsibilities to a third-party warehousing provider. Here are few reasons why outsourcing can put your business at a great advantage.

More space

Simply by moving your stock to a specified warehouse means that you’re not sacrificing much-needed production space to hold your inventory. It also means you don’t have to worry about investing in expansions or additional buildings for storage space.

Additionally, storing over a certain capacity could invoke certain Health & Safety measures, particularly with large, bulky items or items that need to be stacked to make the most of the available space. Outsourcing your stock management to a third-party warehouse means you don’t need to consider further fire risks or hazards that may affect your employees.

Make your stock management more efficient

Without additional duties required for stock management, audits and reports, you can focus on the development of your core business instead of concerning yourself with logistics. Outsourcing stock responsibilities can streamline your workload and reduce carrying and transport costs.

If warehousing isn’t a key part of your business, and it doesn’t contribute to revenue, it can create considerable overheads and management costs that aren’t necessary or beneficial to your business.

More cost-effective

By outsourcing your storage and stock management, you reduce the need for large capital investment – operating a warehouse can be expensive and by using a separate warehouse, you don’t have to worry about the costs of 24/7 security or machinery.

With less concerns about storage space, you have more liberty to purchase larger amounts of stock, allowing for more savings on wholesale items.

More expertise

Using a third-party warehousing and inventory services provider means you’re paying for their knowledge and expertise when it comes to storage and logistics. It’s important for them to keep you as a customer by performing to their best ability. PalStore has over 20 years of experience delivering logistics support to the aviation industry and has now opened its doors to all businesses to provide a tailored solution to any stock, storage and transport needs.

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More flexibility

As your business expands and grows, your storage and stock requirements will change. Another benefit to outsourcing your stock management is that storage contracts are often flexible and can adapt to your developing business needs.

Whether you’re moving to a new office, introducing new products, or selling internationally, make sure your warehousing provider can keep up with you.

For more information about how PalStore can help you with stock management, audits and logistics – call us on 01889 227938 or drop us an email at

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