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How to expand your business with tailored storage

If you’re hoping to expand your business in 2019 – or finally start your own venture – it might be worth considering how you can use storage solutions for a more cost-effective and streamlined transition towards your next step.

Just starting out?

For anyone who is currently working from home, or simply toying with their next big idea, using a local warehouse for storage can help you get started without the expense of renting office space. Ordering stock in bulk allows you to keep prices down and avoid order backlogs - opting for better storage solutions to manage your stock, equipment or supplies can stop you feeling overwhelmed.

Stock Management

Expanding your storage for stock management is a smart way to free up existing office space and keep better track of inventory. PalStore offers logistics services including packing, loading/unloading and stock management, as well as transportation of goods, meaning you have access to your stock exactly when you need it. Having a dedicated place for stock means no more boxes cluttering your workspace and more space for you to expand.

Minimise the risk

If you’re thinking of physically expanding your business and moving to a bigger office, it’s worth checking whether putting unused equipment, stock or supplies will free up the space you need. Renting a larger office can be expensive and require long-term contractual commitments – using local storage solutions allows you to assess the needs of your business before taking a financial risk.

Transition from office to office

If you’ve accepted it’s finally time to admit you need a bigger workspace, but you’re dreading the thought of packing up the office and moving your entire business – take advantage of short-term, storage options to transfer your office equipment gradually. Choosing warehouses with transportation options will also save on the cost of moving vans.

Equally, moving to a smaller office may mean downsizing your inventory. Don’t sell or destroy any expensive equipment or supplies you may need in the future – instead, use a secure local warehouse for easy access.

Get in touch with PalStore today, by calling 01889 227938, emailing or fill out the quick contact form on our website.

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